Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HUDDLESTONE, Ann  1841Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P322
2 HUDDLESTONE, Ann  1841Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P1855
3 HUDDLESTONE, Ann  1843Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P269
4 HUDDLESTONE, Anne  Sep 1800Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P341
5 HUDDLESTONE, Elizabeth  1852Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P615
6 HUDDLESTONE, Elizabeth  1852Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P1856
7 HUDDLESTONE, Francis  1851Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P253
8 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Aug 1806Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P357
9 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Aug 1806Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P962
10 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Sep 1810Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P358
11 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Sep 1810Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P963
12 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Sep 1810Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P1858
13 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Sep 1810Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P1859
14 HUDDLESTONE, James  Jul 1804Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P356
15 HUDDLESTONE, James  Jul 1804Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P961
16 HUDDLESTONE, Jane  1849Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P255
17 HUDDLESTONE, John  Jun 1845Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P62
18 HUDDLESTONE, Margaret  Mar 1853Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P323
19 HUDDLESTONE, Mary  1844Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P264
20 HUDDLESTONE, Thomas  1765Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P384
21 RIDSDALE, Anne  1855Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P625
22 RIDSDALE, Arthur Wilfred  1884Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P654
23 RIDSDALE, Arthur Wilfred  1884Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P655
24 RIDSDALE, Edith Ann  1885Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P260
25 RIDSDALE, Elizabeth  1857Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P626
26 RIDSDALE, Elizabeth Ann  1881Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P653
27 RIDSDALE, Elizabeth Ann  1881Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P656
28 RIDSDALE, Evelyn Jane  1889Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P262
29 RIDSDALE, Francis William  1872Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P258
30 RIDSDALE, Frederick  1868Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P648
31 RIDSDALE, Frederick  1868Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P657
32 RIDSDALE, Fredrick  1834Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P619
33 RIDSDALE, George Arthur  1887Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P261
34 RIDSDALE, George H  1870Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P649
35 RIDSDALE, George H  1870Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P658
36 RIDSDALE, Henry  1831Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P256
37 RIDSDALE, Henry  1883Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P259
38 RIDSDALE, Isabella  1865Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P630
39 RIDSDALE, John  1863Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P628
40 RIDSDALE, John C  1892Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P263
41 RIDSDALE, Joseph Smith  1876Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P652
42 RIDSDALE, Joseph Smith  1876Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P659
43 RIDSDALE, Mary  1853Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P624
44 RIDSDALE, Mary Hannah  1871Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P650
45 RIDSDALE, Mary Hannah  1871Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P660
46 RIDSDALE, Mary Jane  1836Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P620
47 RIDSDALE, Richard  1861Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P629
48 RIDSDALE, Robert  1874Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P651
49 RIDSDALE, Robert  1874Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P661
50 RIDSDALE, Sarah Elizabeth  1840Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P621

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANKS, Mary  17 May 1887Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P283
2 HUDDLESTONE, Francis  30 Apr 1775Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P375
3 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Aug 1808Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P357
4 HUDDLESTONE, Hannah  Aug 1808Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P962
5 HUDDLESTONE, John  02 Sep 1807Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P349
6 HUDDLESTONE, John  20 Jul 1820Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P345
7 HUDDLESTONE, Thomas  28 Aug 1735Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P407
8 RIDSDALE, William  27 Dec 1848Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P282
9 WEST, Mary  04 Dec 1811Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P348


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HUDDLESTONE, Eliza  1891Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P242
2 HUDDLESTONE, Eliza  1891Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P242
3 HUDDLESTONE, John  1851Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P62
4 HUDDLESTONE, John  1851Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire P62